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Steve Jobs and his reality distortion field(RDF)

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First of all I must tell you that this is 00:13 AM and I am not getting sleep. These days while  talking with my friends frequently, about entrepreneurship I end up talking about Steve Jobs.
From the first day I grabbed this copy of biography of Steve Jobs written by Isaacson Walter I have become excited to read more and more.
Left: Steve Jobs; Right: Isaacson Walter

I have read only about 20% of this book but I feel that I know something about Steve Jobs. If you have studied the life of Steve Jobs then I am sure that this post is going to be an interesting one for you even if it contains less knowledge than you already know.

What characteristics of the personality of Steve Jobs were which you think helped him to achieve success in his entrepreneurial journey in the form of Apple and few other companies. I think first most important event that happened to Steve was knowing about him being abandoned by his biological parents.

I think this particular event was such deep rooted in his emotional mind that made him difficult to be handled by the others and he knew about this. Now when he knew about this particular insecurity of himself he has to do something so much profound that he might replace the feeling with a feeling of achieving something noteworthy.

In the early twenties he traveled to India and tried spiritual path. This helped him to some extent and then he continued with Zen meditation which is a Buddhist meditation. I think this helped him to resolve his further path in life. He somehow believed that he is in the world to produce something remarkable.

He wanted to mark a dent in the world like Mahatma Gandhi did, like Jesus did and like Einstein did. He became vegetarian and fruitarian in his early twenties and for which I think he was inspired from the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Recently, just one book before this one I read "My experiments with truth" by Mahatma Gandhi and surely I also got inspired to become a vegetarian. According to Isaacson Steve Jobs thought and believed that his body will not stink at all even if he do not take bath for week if, he kept up with his fruitarian diet.

Even though his colleagues suffered from this strange belief of him, he didn't cared much about it and he kept his routine to take bath only once in a week. I wonder if he really believed so or it was only an excuse to not to take bath because, I also hated to take bath when I was a child.

I think Jobs wanted something for himself to achieve, something so much big which might help him to forget fact of being abandoned. In the early years he was impatient for this and that is why he tried the wrong path. He abandoned his own first child "Lisa".
According to the mother of the child he tried his best to prove that the child was not his own but, DNA report showed the truth. So, this doesn't work for Steve and he had to pay the money for up-raising the child.

Remember emotions never die, until they find an expression to way out. This made Jobs very much critical and aggressive in his behavior with other employees of Apple. He never hesitated to tell somebody that his/her idea was a shit, or to call them assholes in their face in a meeting hall.

I think this made a numbers of others uncomfortable being around him but at the same time they loved his passion to do something different and produce exactly what he wanted to produce which was always something better than others.  There is a chapter titled as "Reality Distortion Field" which explains a specific persuasion technique of Jobs to make other believe something which was not real.

He had a very intense focus with a laser beam gaze which he learned from one of his Gurus of meditation. He could make someone agree that the day was not day but was night and opposite also. This quality of Jobs gave him confidence to progress with his dreams and people knew about it but they also loved it because they knew the positive part of it.

They knew that Jobs can distort the reality when he is around them so, they introduced this term "Reality distortion field" which was a complement as well as sarcasm for Jobs.

I think I can keep writing and writing about Jobs but, I have to stop now because I am feeling tired after 45 minutes of writing so,
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