Thursday, February 27, 2014

John Lee Dumas and Pat Flynn together at Smart Passive income

Hi, How you doing? I feel that I am not qualified to comment on this but, I will give it a try.

Can you imagine to decline $5000 from a sponsor for your pod-cast? They demanded only 30 seconds at start of the program and about 1 minute at the end and Pat declined the offer.

Ask Pat! is another pod-cast launched by Pat Flynn. He needs no introduction for the internet bloggers. I have not listened to it because I do so many other things, I listen to smart passive income.
On Feb 14, on smart passive income pod-cast, Pat brought John Lee Dumas(JLD) of Entrepreneur on Fire" on his show.

John Lee Dumas brings a 7 days a week pod-cast where, he interviews the entrepreneurs. According to Pat John Lee Dumas is earning 6 figures income from his pod-cast, more than himself so, I am going to comment here on this particular post by Pat Flynn.

These Americans are at San Diego at the time of this interview. Here are the main income resources which are responsible for a raise of 0 to 5 and then 6 figure income for JLD:

  1. Sponsorship revenue has gone through the roof.
  2. Pod-caster's Paradise - community produced for pod-casters.
  3. Books on Amazon.
Pod-caster's paradise is a major income source having more than 530 members. How he created this community? What makes it so much successful?
According to JLD, the major step in creating a successful product is to have an awesome audience behind it. He already had a huge following through "Entrepreneur on Fire". 

"John how do you get these sponsorships? John How do you do this?,. I was getting these specific questions to be answered specifically by me. " -John Lee Dumas.

 This was the reason that he had to build a forum for these people and started teaching through this community "Pod-caster's paradise".Another source is "Live Webinar" which, he produces free but brings a numbers of customers for him.

According to JLD year 2014 is a year of Live Webinar "92% of our sales are happening on the live Webinar".  Similarly, Pat spends his time at "Google Hangouts". That brings them people and that makes money.
I think the most important thing which works for both of them is their understanding of their audience. Along with the knowledge and hard work they have good speaking skills.
In this particular interview John discusses his sources of income and shares his experience with his sponsors. 
Here is the link to the pod-cast which is free to download:

John Leed Dumas and Pat Flynn are the people who are like role model to me and I wish if I could become like them.  

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