Saturday, January 26, 2013

5 Online(Internet) earning tips

(1) Chose your interest:
There are a number of platform like, writing, drafting, translation, programming, teaching, and typing etc.  There are so many jobs available at the or  you can look up in the There you have to prepare a good profile and if you are having some specific skill then it can be a very good online platform for you.

(2) Never pay for an online job: 
It is a tip which is very important otherwise you can end up with a bad a experience in this world and you will lose the trust. Remember no employer ask money from the employees. It is always the skill, time and your hard work that is required which they pay for.

(3) Do the home work before joining in:
You have to investigate the online portal where you are working, because again it can be a spam so you have to look for the reviews about the website that you are working in. There are a number of review which will pop up in the search engine results when you search for them. Then join the best option, remember here the time is killed at much rate, if you are not on the right place.

(4) Don't expect the overnight success:
If you expecting to find a online job which will make you rich then forget it, because no one on internet is going to give you money in one night. People are very much skeptical about the online transactions and business. So it will take time, you have to gain the experience of your own, and then you will end up with a short list of the trustworthy websites which you will work in.

(5)Make good online friends:
It is another very good approach towards making you more aware about the current online job earning trends. Other people can have the required knowledge, so make the friends in the portals, who are traveling the same path.

Few websites that are useful to earn money:
For paid to click earners:
For discussions and earning : 1.
For Indian article writers: