Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gautam Thapar - A new inspiration for me

I am not a good writer to do justice with writing but, still I hope that one day I will become a very effective writer. This post is written, just to inspire myself and I picked up Mr. Gautam Thapar because I think that he can inspire a lazy ass like me.

I didn't met him personally neither I have a book written on me so, I have nothing to quote from him. I did a little Googling and gathered few facts and put them here.

I was searching for someone who is born on the December 7th because I am myself born on December 7th, and I have a little belief on astrology.

I have found the names like, Harry Chapin, Jennifer Carpenter and Aaron Carter so there are not many famous people which I know to be born on 7th December like those born on 30th November, or 2 December where the list goes on and on.

Moreover I didn't found an Indian famous celebrity born on December 7th but recently I found a very good and well reputed Indian personality who is  born on Decemebr 7, 1960 Mr. Gautam Thapar.

I am interested in Entrepreneurship skills because I think they are necessary to be an effective entrepreneur.
It is harder for me to understand the business but I found few details about Gautam from Wikipedia which might be correct or not.

According to the details given, Gautam Thapar took his early education from Doon School, and then he studied Chemical Engineering from Pratt Institute at United States.
He did not found satisfactory job in USA so and he was running out of the Visa period so he returned to India.

Gautam is the Chairman and CEO of Avantha Group(Avantha Technologies Ltd.) which, includes Ballarpur industries and Cromption Greaves. He became the chairman of the Crompton Greaves on July 22, 2004.

Gautam Thapar is also the president of Professional Golf Tour of India(PGTI) and a board member of the numbers of reputed institutes. I know this article is very small to write about such big personalities, I will post more accurately and bigger one later.

Along with Mr. Gautam Thapar  I found another name of Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal who,  is also born on December 7, 1960(according to Wikipedia)  and is a businessman and entrepreneur.

I think these people are really inspiring and I pray to God to give me such kind of wisdom and determination to do something big like these people do.
 If you have your own story of your own inspiration, please share it with me. I am more than ready to listen!