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My Favorite Books - Bill Gates (Yearwise list 2012-2017)

I have been Following Bill Gates' personal blog  for quite some time now. He really helps so many people by giving out the details of the books that he reads. I get inspired to read some books now and then, because even the most richest person in the whole world has so much of time to read, then why don't I?

courtesy:    www.gatesnotes.com

In this blog post I will share with you the year wise list of the books which Bill Gates considered to be his favorite. Bill Gates started writing book reviews in GatesNotes in 2010. Let's have a very short glance at the achievements of Bill Gates.

He has been ranked as the wealthiest person in the whole world from year 1995 to 2007, then again in 2009, and since 2014 till date. 

 According to some internet data, Bill Gates' wealth doubled from $40 Billion in 2009 to about $84 in the year 2014.  Now, before I post the list of his favorite books, I want share  with you the number of books he reads per year.

He has posted eleven book reviews in 2010, but he didn't post his favorite books' list for the same year. In the following year of 2011, he posted reviews of about sixty books, yeah!! that is right sixty books. Wow! I can't even imagine that many books to read in five years, except if they are in audio format. Maybe even he didn't read them in the same year. 

In year 2012 he posted twenty five book reviews and also posted his favorite books' list, fourteen reviews in 2013, fourteen in 2014, seventeen in 2015, ten in 2016, and in 2017 he has completed seven book reviews till today. There are separate posts for the books he recommends as the best summer reads, and the books recommended for TEDx talks.

Ok, now here is the year wise list of the books and the links to order them to be delivered to your home or your friends' home from Amazon either in hardcover, Kindle or in Audio format. 

Let's start from the current year of 2017 and then back to the year 2012. 

what Bill Gates is currently reading in the Summer of 2017?
here is the list:
  1. Born a Crime - Trevor Noah
  2. The Heart, by Maylis de Kerangal.
  3. Hillbilly Elegy, by J.D. Vance.
  4. Homo Deus, by Yuval Noah Harari
  5. A Full Life, by Jimmy Carter
 Reference: 5 Good Summer Reads - Bill Gates


Bill Gates' favorite books of the Year 2016. 

  1. String Theory, by David Foster Wallace.
  2. Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight. 
  3. The Gene, by Siddhartha Mukherjee. 
  4. The Myth of the Strong Leader, by Archie Brown.
Honorable mention: The Grid, by Gretchen Bakke. 

Reference:  My Favorite Books of 2016

Bill Gates' favorite books of the Year 2015.

  1. The Road to Character, by David Brooks. 
  2. Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words, by Randall Munroe.
  3. Being Nixon: A Man Divided, by Evan Thomas.
  4. Sustainable Materials With Both Eyes Open, by Julian M. Allwood, Jonathan M. Cullen, et al. 
  5. Eradication: Ridding the World of Diseases Forever?, by Nancy Leys Stepan. 
  6. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, by Carol S. Dweck.
Honorable mention: The Vital Question, by Nick Lane

Reference: The best Books I Read in 2015  - Bill Gates

Bill Gates' favorite books of the Year 2014.

  1. Business Adventures, by John Brooks
  2. Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Piketty.
  3. How Asia Works, by Joe Studwell
  4. The Rosie Effect, by Graeme Simsion.
  5. Making the Modern World: Materials and Dematerialization, by Vaclav Smil.
Reference: The best Books I Read in 2014  - Bill Gates


courtesy:    www.gatesnotes.com

Bill Gates' favorite books of the Year 2013. 

  1. The Box, by Marc Levinson.
  2. The Most Powerful Idea in the World, by William Rosen. 
  3. Harvesting the Biosphere by Vaclav Smil.
  4. The World Until Yesterday, by Jared Diamond.
  5. Poor Numbers, by Morten Jerven.
  6. Why Does College Cost So Much?, by Robert B. Archibald and David H. Feldman.
  7. The Bet, by Paul Sabin.
Reference: The best Books I Read in 2013  - Bill Gates

Bill Gates' favorite books of the Year 2012. 
  1. The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence has Declined by Steven Pinker
  2. Deng Xiaoping by Ezra Vogel
  3. The Quest by Daniel Yergin
  4. Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer
  5. Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo
  6. One Billion Hungry: Can We Feed the World? by Gordon Conway
  7. A World-Class Education by Vivien Stewart
  8. Academically Adrift by Richard Arum & Joshipa Roksa
  9. This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly by Carmen Reinhart & Kenneth Rogoff
  10. The City that Became Safe: New York’s Lessons for Urban Crime and Its Control by Franklin Zimring.

Reference: My Top Reads of 2012 - Bill Gates.

Please note that the links that I have shared, takes you to the Indian version of the website of Amazon, i.e. amazon.in. The rating or reviews of the books from the customers might not be large in number, but when you see the rating of the books on the global (.com) website, all of these books have good rating. I hope this would be helpful to you.

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India's Top Google Adsense Earners


If you search for the title of this post, you will get the names of the following people with their website as given below.
Amit Agarwal

Pankaj Agarwal

Amit Bhawani

Arun Prabhudesai

Harsh Agarwal

Jaspal Singh

Rahul Bansal
Website: www.Devilsworkshop.org

Raju PP

Honey Singh

Srinivas Tamada

Please note that the list is not in the order of their earning figures, if it is, then that would merely be a coincidence.  The reason being, those figures get changed each month and year, so it would not be a good idea to list out them according to their Adsense income.

But it would be wise to mention that they have been earning more than what almost any other regular earning guy can earn from his full time job in India, even if they are the general managers of the projects.
I heard that the first person on the list, Mr. Amit Agarwal earns almost US $1,50,000 per month.

The purpose of listing out these guys with their websites here, is to make you open their websites and look out for what and how they have been writing. They are the Gurus for the online earners.

Just like you, I also want to get up on that list and become an inspiration for others, so good luck to both of us. I don't want to disclose much about myself here.

Thank You!

1.  http://www.ways2earnmoney.com/top-10-indian-bloggers-earning-with-adsense/
2.  https://www.toptechlive.com/.../top-adsense-earners-in-india-2015.html

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List of Indian 'Entrepreneurs' cum Authors

Hi, How have you been?Today, I am going to share with a list of the books authored by the Indian Entrepreneurs.
Very few entrepreneurs share their knowledge with the world through books, because not many possess the skills of writing.
Among those who share, mostly share it in the form of their Autobiographies, and I love them.
I hope you love the Auto-biographies too. Let's have a look at the list of the books authored by our beloved entrepreneurs and find if they have more to offer than just Auto-biographies.

A book is the closest friend of human, and therefore I would like to share with you the list of the books which can become your best friends in life, more likely if you are an aspiring entrepreneur like me.
I will keep on updating this article, with the more information, that I collect in future, so your suggestions are highly welcome to make this article more accurate and informative.

  • Dr. Verghese Kurien
He is mostly known for founding the Amul and therefore is widely acclaimed as the 'Father of the White Revolution' in India. He has authored the following books:
  1. Kurien, Verghese(2005), I too had a Dream. APH Publishing corp. ISBN 9788174364074 
  2. Kurien, Verghese(1997), An unfinished Dream, Tata-McGraw-Hill. ISBN 9780074622148.
  3. The man who made the Elephant dance - Audio Autobiography of the Dr. Verghese Kurien in the voice of Tom Alter with audio forward by Ratan Tata, in his own voice ISBN 9789382299240
  • G.R. Gopinath

Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar Gopinath is the founder of Air Deccan Simplify, later merged with Kingfisher Airlines and renamed as Kingfisher Red. 
  1. Simply Fly - A Deccan Odyssey, Collins Business 2010, ISBN 978-81-7223-8422-1

  • N. R. Narayana Murthy
Nagavara Ramarao NArayana Murthy has co-founded Infosys, and has written the following books:

  1. A Better India: A Better World, by N.R. Narayana Murthy; Penguin Books, 2009
Prannoy Roy (Source: wiki)
  • Prannoy Roy
Roy has co-founded the New Delhi Television(NDTV), and is executive co-chairperson of it.  He has co-authored the following books:
  1. A compendium of Indian Elections
  2. India Decides: Elections 1952-1991      with David Butler

Subrata Roy Sahara (Source: wiki)
  • Subrata Roy Sahara
He is the founder and Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar, an Indian conglomerate with diversified ownership interests, he has written two books:
  1. "Shanti, Sukh: Santushti" 1994, Essays on peace of mind and Happy Living.
  2. "Maan, Samman, Atmasamman"

    Kishore Biyani (source: wikipedia)
  • Kishore Biyani
He is the founder & Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Future Group, and has co-authored with Dipayan Baishya, following bestselling business book in India, :
  1.         It Happened in India: The story of Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Central and the Great Indian Consumer
The book has sold more than 100,000 copies in India, more than any other business book so far.

Thats all for now, if you think that article needs an update, please mention your concerns in the comment box.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Are you a Wannapreneur or Entrepreneur?

Hi, How have you been? I hope you doing good.
Recently, I read this book "Because shit happened" by Harsh Snehanshu. The book was partly a work of fiction and partly story from the author's own life.
Its a story of a IIT student, who ventures his own online enterprise which somehow fails. I am not going to share with you the whole story, what I am interested in is a word 'wanna-preneur' which he used in this book.
Wanna-preneur or Entrepreneur?

I had heard the word 'wanna-be' but it was creatively used here to represent the people like me. If you ask a person what does he want to do?
Generally people give the answer in the form of 'I want to become .....(this and this)'.

The keyword is 'want' which can be used also to tell that you want to become an entrepreneur.

When I say that I want to become an entrepreneur, I qualify for being a wanna-preneur.
Honestly speaking, I have started to earn few dollars a month with my writings but that is very few to call myself an entrepreneur.

I know you might say that comparing the money with the qualification for being an entrepreneur is not the right way to tell if you are an entrepreneur or not. Still, even if I am doing the work of an entrepreneur, such as writing my own blogs and books, I may call myself a writer cum entrepreneur, but if there is no income, nobody knows you.

I am forced to call myself a wanna-preneur because I don't earn much with my entrepreneurial works. I write about 10 blogs online and I have eBooks in my kindle account for sale. This single fact gives me strength to continue to become an successful entrepreneur, someone like, Mark Twain, or someone like Andrew Carnegie.

Still I am a wanna-preneur, what do you call yourself? An entrepreneur or a wannapreneur?

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Here is what Selena Soo would do..

Have you ever listened to this popular pod-cast titled, "Entrepreneur on Fire"?
Well, if not I must tell you that in this pod-cast John Lee Dumas(host) talks to new generation entrepreneurs, most of them are working online with their own business to earn 5 or 6 figure income per month or may be more, I can't imagine.
John Lee Dumas. courtesy: Google and of course JLD

Although I love whole the interview but, there is one particular question which he asks to every guest. Here is the question:
"Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning in a brand new world, identical to earth, but you knew no one, you still have all the knowledge and experience you already have, food and shelter taken care of, but all you have a laptop and $500, what would you do in next seven days?"
Why I love this particular question is because, this question takes a person who is having success in their entrepreneurial journey, to a person who has experienced the success but again has to start from a zero.
I think this particular state of mind is important to have  with us to become success. Now if I don't have that state of mind we can copy it from someone who has it. We learn everything from others, from taking first step to the last.
Beautiful Selena Soo in front cover of her website

The answer which they provide to this particular question is really important and interesting for someone doing or wanting to do their own online business.
Today this was "Selena Soo" as the guest on the show. I think one interview was not sufficient to know her and her business which started making her a 6 figure money after. Here is what Selena Soo would do with those $500 dollars to create another business.:

"With the money, I would use that money to create experience with people, to build relationships through events, parties. I will basically spend the money on someone else to create relationships.".. excuse me please if, some words are missing.
So, would you do the same thing with the $500 dollars?  I just Googled Selena, she is gorgeous. Okay, I know I am off the track, sorry!..
She gives a huge importance to building relationships with people. Above is the look of her website with her own face in the cover page.

To visit her website please visit this website:  www.selenasoo.com

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Samir Modi and his Modicare

Hello friend,

Today I am excited to talk about Modicare Ltd. a company started by  Samir Modi.
Samir Modi was born on Dec 15, 1969 as the youngest son to Krishan Kumar Modi. He studied abroad and for a while worked with some company and then in 1996 he started his own venture "Modicare Ltd.".

You are free to ask me that why am I excited to talk about this company. Well, the reason is that one of my neighbor who is a Modicare consultant started to have a monthly income of about INR 20,000 per month with this company.

He became a Modicare consultant just 4 months back and he has achieved the emerald status.
That is exciting!

So, one day he drove me in his car just for an evening ride and introduced me to Modicare. I didn't get much of it that day but, I joined because there was no fee to join the business. Yes, its free to join but, to get a starter kit and to get commissions, one has spend some money.

After one month I opened up my profile in the online website and saw that he has formed one of the two legs of my network tree and it was stretching quite down below. So, I thought that there is some opportunity here.

I inquired about the company and found some details about the founder and the company products. I tried the products and I think they are good enough for their price with 100% money back guaranty.

I read an article in "The Hindu" online which, claims to have interviewed Samir Modi in which he gives good knowledge about this business. Click Here for the link to the interview. 

This article will tell you about joining the business and also how to get a 5 figure monthly income. I have just started the business and I have nothing of my own achievement to share with you but I am quite optimistic with it.
If you want to join with me, please contact me here through comment box or you can write to me at sanjay91422@gmail.com

Thank you and take care

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Steve Jobs and his reality distortion field(RDF)

Hi dear,

First of all I must tell you that this is 00:13 AM and I am not getting sleep. These days while  talking with my friends frequently, about entrepreneurship I end up talking about Steve Jobs.
From the first day I grabbed this copy of biography of Steve Jobs written by Isaacson Walter I have become excited to read more and more.
Left: Steve Jobs; Right: Isaacson Walter

I have read only about 20% of this book but I feel that I know something about Steve Jobs. If you have studied the life of Steve Jobs then I am sure that this post is going to be an interesting one for you even if it contains less knowledge than you already know.

What characteristics of the personality of Steve Jobs were which you think helped him to achieve success in his entrepreneurial journey in the form of Apple and few other companies. I think first most important event that happened to Steve was knowing about him being abandoned by his biological parents.

I think this particular event was such deep rooted in his emotional mind that made him difficult to be handled by the others and he knew about this. Now when he knew about this particular insecurity of himself he has to do something so much profound that he might replace the feeling with a feeling of achieving something noteworthy.

In the early twenties he traveled to India and tried spiritual path. This helped him to some extent and then he continued with Zen meditation which is a Buddhist meditation. I think this helped him to resolve his further path in life. He somehow believed that he is in the world to produce something remarkable.

He wanted to mark a dent in the world like Mahatma Gandhi did, like Jesus did and like Einstein did. He became vegetarian and fruitarian in his early twenties and for which I think he was inspired from the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Recently, just one book before this one I read "My experiments with truth" by Mahatma Gandhi and surely I also got inspired to become a vegetarian. According to Isaacson Steve Jobs thought and believed that his body will not stink at all even if he do not take bath for week if, he kept up with his fruitarian diet.

Even though his colleagues suffered from this strange belief of him, he didn't cared much about it and he kept his routine to take bath only once in a week. I wonder if he really believed so or it was only an excuse to not to take bath because, I also hated to take bath when I was a child.

I think Jobs wanted something for himself to achieve, something so much big which might help him to forget fact of being abandoned. In the early years he was impatient for this and that is why he tried the wrong path. He abandoned his own first child "Lisa".
According to the mother of the child he tried his best to prove that the child was not his own but, DNA report showed the truth. So, this doesn't work for Steve and he had to pay the money for up-raising the child.

Remember emotions never die, until they find an expression to way out. This made Jobs very much critical and aggressive in his behavior with other employees of Apple. He never hesitated to tell somebody that his/her idea was a shit, or to call them assholes in their face in a meeting hall.

I think this made a numbers of others uncomfortable being around him but at the same time they loved his passion to do something different and produce exactly what he wanted to produce which was always something better than others.  There is a chapter titled as "Reality Distortion Field" which explains a specific persuasion technique of Jobs to make other believe something which was not real.

He had a very intense focus with a laser beam gaze which he learned from one of his Gurus of meditation. He could make someone agree that the day was not day but was night and opposite also. This quality of Jobs gave him confidence to progress with his dreams and people knew about it but they also loved it because they knew the positive part of it.

They knew that Jobs can distort the reality when he is around them so, they introduced this term "Reality distortion field" which was a complement as well as sarcasm for Jobs.

I think I can keep writing and writing about Jobs but, I have to stop now because I am feeling tired after 45 minutes of writing so,
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