Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blogging for Fun and Money

This article is updated on on 23rd July 2014

Hi, how have you been?
Well, let me share with you some information, whichever I know and remember about the online platforms, that are available for the Bloggers to share their ideas and earn some income too. In general I can phase out this whole process into two as following:

  1. Creating a Blog and Sharing Content
  2. Monetize and have Patience

  • Creating a Blog and sharing Content:  

Even if you are having the experience of posting updates on Facebook, there is a good probability that you can make some money with Blogging. What is important is a mindset, which you have to create on your own, before you jump into this online earning world.

  • First most important thing is to have a healthy mindset. Before posting anything, know what is it that you really believe in, and for which you feel that its posting is the very important. This mindset will make sure that whatever you post into your blog, is what about which you have full confidence. You should have a feeling that once you will post it, you will feel proud of yourself. Remember, Content is the King so first find out, what you want to create your blog about.

If you have this mindset, that whatever you shall be posting is really important to be posted, you will never get bored with Blogging, you will start posting for the sake of posting and for its importance to be posted, not for money. If you are behind the money, you may get frustrated soon, so first of all, you have to think about some good content, which you really feel to share into a Blog or website.

  • Second thing that you have to do is to create a Blogging account, which you can create with a number of websites, but the most reliable and widely used are these two:
You are reading this page on the 1st option, i.e., its a Google's free service. In order to create an account with Blogger, all you need is to have a Gmail id. You can sign into this website with your gmail and start posting your blog posts. For the second option, i.e. Wordpress, go to the website and create an account, I am sure that if you can create a Facebook account, you can create a Wordpress account also.

Choose a catchy  and interesting web address for your Blog. Some of the addresses which may like may not be available but still you shall get a number of similar options available, so choose wisely. Your blog address is the web url, which will be shown on the address bar each time someone visits your blog, so choose it wisely.
Look at the current web url in the address bar at top, it shows the following: article name). Learn Entrepreneurial skills will always remain there, till you are inside this Blog and surfing through other articles,your Blog shall be reflected in the same way. Do other required work, such as giving a title, choosing a template, adding different gadgets etc.

  • Third most important thing is to remember my first point and post accordingly. Once you know what you are going to post, start posting it, and soon you would love it. Don't worry about the amount of traffic that you will get, it shall start pouring in if you really believe in your content. 

Once, it becomes a habit to post the photos and status updates on your Facebook page, it is not easy to stop yourself from posting more and more, similarly, once a Blogger starts to post the blog posts, chances are that you will not stop, and you may end up with something more creative and rewarding.

Facebook asks you, " what 's on your mind?"; and you keep on telling it everyday, in return getting likes from friends, but what about getting the likes from your friends as well as from the unknown visitors from all around the world and also getting some money with it?
I think that is a great idea, that is why, I love posting my ideas on my Blogs, similarly keep doing it. I think blogging a cool hobby.

  • Monetize and have Patience:

To earn from your blog you have to monetize it. There are numbers of online programs available to choose from and the best program available and which I use too is again from Google.

  • This is known as the Google adsense. You have to apply for your Adsense account separately. Once your fill all the necessary details, and apply for it, wait for the approval for your Adsense account.
Remember Google Adsense is very strict with its policy details, so please read it through and follow it, otherwise you may get banned and once banned, it is very difficult to get another account.

 Google Adsense pays you for the clicks which you get on the ads displayed on your blogs. You have to choose the placement of the ads and types of ads for your blog, and then wait for the traffic to come and visit these ads along with your personal content of the blog.
There are other similar to Adsense programs, which although don't pay that much:,, Chitika Ads.

  • There are Affiliate programs available with the Amazon and eBay named as  Amazon Associates and eBay partners respectively. They pay you for showing their product ads on your blogs, but only when someone buys through those ads on your blog. 
Each programs shares a part of income which they get from the advertisers, or you may call them sponsors too. Advertisers get their customers through your Blog, and they pay for it, that is how it works.
It may take lot of time for your Blog to get popular and therefore the traffic, so one most important virtue which you must possess is Patience. Don't give up, it will pay off.

Your Thoughts

That is all I have to tell as of now, if you want to know anything more about any of the part of the whole procedure, please go to the comment box and type in. If you have some related experience to share with me, please share it, I am eager to know.

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