Friday, June 2, 2017

Bitcoins Wallet -Easy to Buy and Easy to Sell with Spectrocoin


Did you get the words about Bitcoins? I got this message from one of my friend, "Only if I had invested in Bitcoins, when it was only $50, I would be a Millionaire now,"  he said.

These words are 100% true, if you had bought this cryptocurrency a few years back, you would have been a millionaire now. I regretted the same mistake for being blind to this opportunity. 

I created this article, because I want to refer an online wallet for you, where you can easily invest your cash to buy or sell the bitcoins and earn money. Reason I am doing it is because I trust this service and second it has got this referral program, so that anyone can earn commission for referring this wallet to other people. 

Read the article, and if you like it then please sign up free for the wallet using the links I give in this article. That would be my reward for informing you about this money earning opportunity. 

After researching some more articles and news, I decided to invest in Bitcoins, because as per various financial predictions, the price is yet to go beyond $ 10,000. 

Current price of Bitcoins in the month of June 2017 is fluctuating near to $2500 per coin, so if it reaches the above-said in two- three years, I can quadruple the money. 

If you want to invest now, and you don't have the money to buy one or more coin, don't worry, you can buy any less than one coin, anything less than 1, be it 0.1 (BTC) coin or 0.01 BTC, choice is yours.  I searched for the wallets, which offer the bitcoin exchange in easy manner.

I use the debit card for most of the transactions online, so I needed a wallet which provides a fast and secure service. Many of the wallets charge you high fee, but the transactions can take time. I needed a fast exchange service, so that I can buy and sell instantly as the price of bitcoin fluctuate very rapidly.

Spectrocoin is one such online wallet, where you can invest the cash very easily to buy the bitcoins. There are several options of using your several of debit, credit or electronic cards. They claim to have more than 50 options to chose from. Also transactions does not take more than a second. 

I searched for its rating, and it is quite good. Transaction fee can look a bit high, but for good service it seems insignificant.

Documents you need:
1. International Passport - to prove your identity.
2.  A mode of depositing and withdrawing the money (Debit, Credit card, or bank details).

That's it. It takes only few minutes to get yourself and your cards get verified, and deposit the money using the card. After verification, simply use the buy and sell links from your account to start the trading. It is very simple.

They also provide you a service of a hard Spectrocoin Debit card, just like your other bank debit cards, which you can use to transact the money from more than 20+ millions ATMs, from anywhere in the world. 
A typical Spectrocoin Debit Card

News is that many of the retailer websites such as Amazon are accepting the cryptocurrency as the mode of payment. This is one of the reason I believe that the price of the bitcoins is going to rise, it is just the start. 

I wish you all the best, and if you have any query, please ask in the comment box. Click on this link to sign up for a free Spectrocoin Wallet

Or click here: Spectroin Wallet.

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