Saturday, September 9, 2017

10 Reasons why you Must be on Steemit if you are on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram

Today, as usual, I hopped onto the website which has excited me more than anything since one last month. Steemit  has changed the way of earning for me. I have been on youtube , where more than 400 people have subscribed me for the music covers I post there. 

Adsense runs on my blog, but no matter what the quality of the content is, the earning is small, because here it is a very long process, unless your page or videos go viral overnight. I was a little loose from my work. Travelling into the Kinnaur and Spiti was the main activity of my July month. June was also spent in riding the roads of Kullu and Mandi districts. At the end of July I was back to my room.

That was a free time, and through one of my friend, I found this blockchain based social network platform called  Steemit . It is like Facebook and Instagram, because you can blog, you can chat and also share videos on dTube which is also based on Steem. 

There are people who connect with each other via the wonderful content they share. On the top of everything you earn a good amount of money. Yeah it is real money! If you don't believe me, have a look at my wallet. You see there is Steem and Steem Dollars. 

Both of these are cryptocurrency, and as of now Steem has a price of $1.45. I joined Steemit on Jul5 25, and after one month I have around 227 people following me there, and also I have made more than 250 Dollars. For having fast returns, you have an option to invest to buy the Steem power, and you can earn very nice amount. Here is an article written by a STeemitian(We call the people of Steemit) about Powering Up. 

10 Amazing Reasons to Invest into Steem Power for Entrepreneurs

Here you come to know how you can make money more than you can imagine anywhere else. Not even with Bitcoin investments. 

Guys, this post was an effort to introduce you with the platform where you make money for what you usually do on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. I hope your reading was worth it. 

Thanks, and if you are on Steemit, don't forget to follow me and leave a message in one of my posts. 

Thanks again!