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Leaders interviewed on "Dose of Leadership" by Richard Rierson

I listen to this podcast titled as "Dose of Leadership" where Richard Rierson is the host of the program. He is interested in the concept of Leadership and tries to and talks about using the idea of leadership to become a successful leader. There are a numbers of leaders whom he ask the questions about their own leadership ideas and examples from their own life. These leaders are the one who can create a big difference in your life if you are just the starter on the leadership path, because one has to learn from the people who are above them but not so above that it becomes a pressure and not possible to understand the idea from them. You can visit his website for more details at In his latest interview with Prof. M. S. Rao Richard discloses that his interviews are downloaded from India at second number after America. He asks Prof. M. S. Rao the reason behind such a passion from the India, and Prof. M.S.Rao guessed it as the hunger to show the world that they are very much passionate about leadership.
So here is the list of the leaders which Richard has interviewed till now and I will keep updating the list here because he
Richard Rierson with family(I don't remember the source)
keeps adding more to the list:
1. John Lee Dumas -       of Entrepreneur of fire (a daily podcast)
2. George Bradt    - founder of PrimeGenesis
3. Major General Perry Smith -  internationally known speaker, TV commentator
4. Gene Kranz   - Former NASA flight Director for Apollo 11 and Apollo 13
5. David Allen - Consultant and Author of Getting things Done
6. Jim Kouzes - Best selling author and Educator
7. Andrew Warner - Founder of
8. Lee cockerell  -  Former walt disney world executive VP of operations
9. Nick Sarillo - Founder and CEO of Nick's Pizza and Pub
10. David Marquet - Former nuclear submarine commander, Author and speaker
11. Bill Synder - Kansas state head football coach
12. Jennifer Kahnweiler - Introverted Leader expert
13. Rabbi Simon Jacobson - Educator, scholar, Author of "Toward a meaningful life"
14. Paul Callan - Creator and founder of Callan Course
15. David Casullo - President of Bates commnunication, Author of "Leading the high energy culture"
16. Judy Carter - Professional and humorous motivational speaker
17. Adam Makos - Bestselling Author of "A higher call"
18. Ron Edmondson - Church Leader and Planter
19. Judith Humphrey - Founder of Humphrey group and Author of "Speaking as a leader"
20. Jaime Tardy - Entrepreneur, Business coach and founder of Eventual millionaire.
21. Russell Bishop - Fortune 500 consultants, Author of Workarounds that works.
22. Jim Goodrich- World War II- Jima Marine veteran.
23. Robert D. Smith - Author of "20,000 days and counting".
24. Jim Palmer - Writer, Artist and religion free Jesus follower.
25. Dale Dye - Author, Actor, Founder of Warriors Inc.
26. Jenni Catron - Executive Director of Cross point Church and Author of "Just Lead".
27. Kat Cole - President of Cinnabon, Inc.
28. Ltgen Russel Honore - Retired Army general; Commander of joint task force Katrina
29. Dr. John Hull - President and CEO of EQUIP Leadership
30. Dr. Julia Dye- Author, Vice President and CFO of Warriors, Inc.
31. Penelope Trunk- Brazen Careerist founder.
32. Pete Hegseth - CEO of concerned veterans of America
33. Jeff Power - CEO and Founder of Pangeo Coffee
34. Mike Myatt - America's top CEO coach.
35. Richie Norton- Author of "Power of starting something stupid"
36. Margie Warrell - Bestselling Author, speaker and Forbes columnist.
37. Dr. Steven Snyder - Author of "Leadership & art of struggle"
38. Fahim Fazli - Actor, Author, warrior & Patriot(with Michael Moffett)
39. Marshall goldsmith - Author, Coach and Top Leadership Thinker
40. Mark Sanborn - President of Sanborn Associates, Bestselling Author, Professional speaker
41. Dan Miller- President of 48 Days LLC.
42. Alan Berson -  CEO and Author of "Leadership Conversations".
43. Dr. John Hull (updates)- CEO of EQUIP Leadership.
44. Jay Papasan - Vice President of KellerINK, co-author of "The one thing".
45. Brian Kibby - President of McGraw Hill Higher Education.
46. Orrin Woodward: Founder of LIFE Business, Author of "Leadershift", Expert on 5 LAws of decline.
47. Jim Thompson: Founder & CEO of Positive Coaching Alliance
48. Dana Perino: Co- Host of " The Five", Former Press Secretary for President GEorge W. Bush.
49. Doug Conant: Former President and CEO of Campbell Soup Company
50. Howard Putnam: Former CEO of Southwest Airlines & Braniff Internationals
51. Wayne Allen Root: Capitalist Evangelist, Former Presidential Candidate, Entrepreneur, Author
52. Charlie Plumb: Former Navy Fighter Pilot & P.O.W.
53. Andrew Wilkow: Sirius XM Talk Radio Host of " The Wilkow Majority"
54. Steve Miller: Founder & President of Millwood Incorporated
55. Chris Widener: Motivational speaker, Author, Businessman, Coach & Mentor
56. Dr. Mollie Marti: Psychologist, Lawyer, Author of "Walking with justice"
57. James P. Massa: Former Vice President & Global Strategist for Cisco Systems Inc.
58. Steve Forbes: CEO & Editor in chief of Forbes Media
59. Phillip Van Hooser: Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, Author of "Leaders Ought to Know"
60. Bill Catlette & Richard Hadden: Founders of Contended Cow Partners
61. LtCol Rob "Waldo" Waldman : Combat Fighter Pilot & Professional motivational Speaker
62. Joe Scarlet: Former CEO of Tractor Supply company
63. Chris Brady: Founder of LIFE Business, Author of "A month in Italy" & "Launching a Leadership Revolution"
64. Eric Draper: White House Chief Photographer for President George W. Bush
65. Daryl Brewster: CEO of CECP; Former President of Kraft Foods & CEO of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
66. Bob Lutz: Retired Vice Chairman, General Motors Corporation
67. Kenneth Vogt: Founder of Vera Claritas
68. Mike Kelly: U.S. House Representative for 3rd District of Pennsylvania
69. Martha McSally: First female combat pilot & Combat Squadron Commander
70. Paul Callan: Founder of the Callan Course Discusses "Heroic Leadership"
71. Don Rockwell: The "Leadership Freak".
72. Dondi Scumaci: Author of Designed for Success: The 10 Commandments for Women in the Workplace
73. Maneesh Goyal: CEO MKG Productions/Co-founder of "Live in the Grey"
74. Jonathan Spector: President & CEO of The Conference Board
75. Max Stier: President & CEO, Partnership for Public Service
76. Jayne Warrilow: Founder JW International, LEadership Strategist, C-Level Executive Coach
77. Pejman Ghadimi: Founder of the Third Circle Theory; Serial Entrepreneur
78. Betsy Atkins: Serial Entrepreneur, 3x Former CEO, Experienced Corporate Director
79. Dr. Michael Watkins: Founder Genesis Advisers, Author of " The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies
80. Andy Drish & Dane Maxwell: Founders of the Foundation
81. Paul Callan: Founder of the Callan Course Discusses" Leading the Millennial Generation"
82. Bob Burg: Speaker & Author of "The Go-Giver"
83. John Mattone: President of John Mattone Partners, Inc.
84. Tim Marks: Co-Founder of LIFE, Author of "Confidence of a Champion" & "Voyage of a viking"
85. Josh Isaak: Founder & CEO of MySky; Student of the Foundation
86. Lionel Nowell III: Author of "You are Better Than Your Best", Board Member
87. Mike Henry Sr. - VP Operations, SageNet and Chief Instigator, Lead Change Group
88. Stephen M.R. Covey - Best selling Leadership Author of " The speed of Trust" & "Smart Trust"
89. Amber Barno: Former Army Combat Helicopter Pilot; Spokesperson for Concerned Vets for America
90. Ed DeCosta: Fortune 500 Executive Coach; Faculty Member, John C. Maxwell LEadership Development Programmer
91. Fredrick W. Smith: Chairman & CEO of FedEx Corporation
92. T.T. "Mitch" Mitchell: Health Care Consultant, Leadership Trainer, Author
93. Taylor Vogt: Business Leader Coach with Vera Claritas
94. Jessie Jane Duff: Veterans Advocate - Spokesperson for concerned Veterans for America
95. Mark Miller: Best selling Author, Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness for Chick- fil - A Restaurants.
96. Scott M. Fay: Vice President of the John Maxwell Team, Author of "Discover your Sweet Spot".
97.Greg Link: Leadership consultant, speaker, co-author of "smart trust".
98. Chris Widener: Motivational speaker, Author, Businessman, Coach and mentor
99. John Lee Dumas: Founder and host of " Entrepreneur on fire" (it is counted as 100th interview in Dose of Leadership)
100.Chris Carneal: Entrepreneur and founder of Boosterthon
101. Gregg Marshall: Head basketball coach for Wichita State shockers
102. Lucas Boyce: Director of business development for Orlando magic; Author of "Living proof".
103. Ken Coleman: Host of Ken Coleman show; Author of "One Question".
104. Arthur Carmazzi: Founder of the Directive Communication TM Methodology and ranked among global top 10 leadership Gurus.
105. John Baldoni: Chair of N2Growth, internationally recognized leadership author, executive coach & speaker
106. Professor M.S. Rao: International Leadership Guru, Author of 25 leadership books
To be continued....

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