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Morning Rituals of Entrepreneurs - Valuetainment - Patrick Bet David (A Reaction)


Do you have certain morning rituals? Today's most of entrepreneurs talk about the morning activities. Our morning activities reflect our whole day, that is what Pat believes.

In this video(link given in references) whose title rhymes with many books' titles  such as "Daily Rituals - How Artists Work" by Mason Currey, or another titled "The Morning Rituals Blueprint" by  James Banner, Pat discusses the "day start" of today's some of  very successful entrepreneurs- Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Richard Branson, Simon Cowell, and Tory Burch.

What I am going to do here is,  first list these morning rituals, and then will share my review/reaction with you.

A. Gary Vee's Morning Rituals

Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and four times New-York times best selling author. His morning rituals are: 
  1. Wakes up at 6:00 AM, reads the news in the bathroom.
  2. For 5 minutes, hugs his kids before leaving the house
  3. Calls his one of the family member while driving to work.
My Review: 
Well, I think 6:00 AM is not an impressive time, but it is okay when you are a family person.

Reading news in the morning is quite not suggested by so many other people, because many suggest other things like meditation or at least do your own work, until reading news is your job, or news is related to your work.  Anyway, I think I still need to know more of such people.

Second point is very nice, and applies to those who have kids, but for bachelors like me, well.. I hope you get my point. Third point is also not very good, I mean either you drive or talk, why to give half attention.
Best selling Books authored by Gary Vee: 

B. Tony Robbins' Morning Rituals

He is well known for various self help books and his business. 

  1. No specific time of wake up, because he travels a lot.
  2. Wakes up, does a cold plunge - meaning submerges himself in cold water for one minute.
  3. Three Primes of the Day -  a) Breathing Exercise (Watch "I am Not your Guru" - Tony Robbins Documentary.)   b) Expressing Gratitude c) Pray
My Review: First ritual is quite valid, second one, well, it is very interesting but can you do that in the cold winters? I can do this in the summers, and surely that will make me energetic, as says Pat. But, for winters, it is a low degree version of cryotherapy.

Three primes are also very good, and I have also observed that breathing exercises fills you with energy. 

Buy the best sellers by Tony Robbins:

C. Mark Zuckerberg's Morning Rituals

Founder of Facebook, and ranked among top ten wealthiest in world.
  1. Wakes up at 8:00 AM
  2. Wears the same shirt everyday
My Review: 
Doesn't sound anything interesting, but wait there is an explanation. Zuckerberg works at night up to 2 to 3:00 AM, so 5-6 hours sleep is justified. He wears the same shirt everyday so that he doesn't have to spend the time to think about what to wear. 

Books on Mark Zuckerberg:

D.  Jack Dorsey (Founder of Twitter and Square)'s Morning Rituals
  1. Wakes up at 5:30 AM to meditate
  2. Jogs 6 Mile.
My Review: 
Seems like the Ideal rituals for a successful person. We know the benefits of meditation and jogging, one soothes and strengthens the mind, and second will strengthen the body.

Jack's favorite books:

E. Richard Branson(the founder of Virgin Group)'s Morning Rituals:
  1. Generally lives in his Island, swims or goes for Kite Surfing if it is windy, and then goes for breakfast. 
  2. Keeps the curtains open, and as the Sun rises, light wakes him up. 
My Review: 
Richard definitely is quite a fun and adventure loving guy. I follow him on the Facebook and Twitter, and I see a number of his posts either Kite surfing and similar things, and generally half naked. 

Best books by Richard Branson:

F. Simon Cowell's Morning Rituals
  1. Resets the snooze button twice before breakfast is served.
  2. Breakfast of hot water with lemon, Papaya juice with lime, Oatmeal, Tea and 3 smoothies.
My Review: 
The thing is that he takes the same breakfast every day, that is a matter of research but a little boring for me though. Simon Cowell is a reality TV show The X-factor' judge, entrepreneur and philanthropist. 

Books by Simon Cowell:

G. Tory Burch (the Designer)'s Morning Rituals

  1. Wakes up at 5:45 AM, immediately checks her work emails.
  2. Wakes up her three boys, and takes a 45 minute of exercise, such as a quick walk. 
My Review:
This sounds good, as one cannot sit to meditate while there are three kids around the corner. It is best to take them for walk as well. Checking work emails is good, because with a fresh mind she can process the information even while walking. 
Books by Tory Burch:

Finally Pat discusses his own morning Rituals.

Pat' Morning Rituals:

He wakes up at 4:45 AM, generally have training session at 5:00 AM, checks his emails, listens to audiobook, reads the self affirmations, which are pasted on walls of his room and bath-room, goes to Gym, takes cryotherapy,  good break-fast, thinking- strategy session, praying and meditating. By 6:45 AM he is gone to work, the time when his kids wake up.
On Sunday, there is no routine, he would just have fun with kids and family.

Books by Pat:

His idea is to treat your body like a machine, a tool, such as a car. If you want your car to go a long way, you have to give it the required fuel and service of its various parts. Similarly, longer your body can work for you, higher success you can achieve by working more hours a day than the others.

For him, it is about filling your body and mind with the energy and enthusiasm, and that is what generally all the successful people do.

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