Sunday, March 9, 2014

Samir Modi and his Modicare

Hello friend,

Today I am excited to talk about Modicare Ltd. a company started by  Samir Modi.
Samir Modi was born on Dec 15, 1969 as the youngest son to Krishan Kumar Modi. He studied abroad and for a while worked with some company and then in 1996 he started his own venture "Modicare Ltd.".

You are free to ask me that why am I excited to talk about this company. Well, the reason is that one of my neighbor who is a Modicare consultant started to have a monthly income of about INR 20,000 per month with this company.

He became a Modicare consultant just 4 months back and he has achieved the emerald status.
That is exciting!

So, one day he drove me in his car just for an evening ride and introduced me to Modicare. I didn't get much of it that day but, I joined because there was no fee to join the business. Yes, its free to join but, to get a starter kit and to get commissions, one has spend some money.

After one month I opened up my profile in the online website and saw that he has formed one of the two legs of my network tree and it was stretching quite down below. So, I thought that there is some opportunity here.

I inquired about the company and found some details about the founder and the company products. I tried the products and I think they are good enough for their price with 100% money back guaranty.

I read an article in "The Hindu" online which, claims to have interviewed Samir Modi in which he gives good knowledge about this business. Click Here for the link to the interview. 

This article will tell you about joining the business and also how to get a 5 figure monthly income. I have just started the business and I have nothing of my own achievement to share with you but I am quite optimistic with it.
If you want to join with me, please contact me here through comment box or you can write to me at

Thank you and take care