Monday, March 10, 2014

Here is what Selena Soo would do..

Have you ever listened to this popular pod-cast titled, "Entrepreneur on Fire"?
Well, if not I must tell you that in this pod-cast John Lee Dumas(host) talks to new generation entrepreneurs, most of them are working online with their own business to earn 5 or 6 figure income per month or may be more, I can't imagine.
John Lee Dumas. courtesy: Google and of course JLD

Although I love whole the interview but, there is one particular question which he asks to every guest. Here is the question:
"Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning in a brand new world, identical to earth, but you knew no one, you still have all the knowledge and experience you already have, food and shelter taken care of, but all you have a laptop and $500, what would you do in next seven days?"
Why I love this particular question is because, this question takes a person who is having success in their entrepreneurial journey, to a person who has experienced the success but again has to start from a zero.
I think this particular state of mind is important to have  with us to become success. Now if I don't have that state of mind we can copy it from someone who has it. We learn everything from others, from taking first step to the last.
Beautiful Selena Soo in front cover of her website

The answer which they provide to this particular question is really important and interesting for someone doing or wanting to do their own online business.
Today this was "Selena Soo" as the guest on the show. I think one interview was not sufficient to know her and her business which started making her a 6 figure money after. Here is what Selena Soo would do with those $500 dollars to create another business.:

"With the money, I would use that money to create experience with people, to build relationships through events, parties. I will basically spend the money on someone else to create relationships.".. excuse me please if, some words are missing.
So, would you do the same thing with the $500 dollars?  I just Googled Selena, she is gorgeous. Okay, I know I am off the track, sorry!..
She gives a huge importance to building relationships with people. Above is the look of her website with her own face in the cover page.

To visit her website please visit this website:

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