Thursday, July 3, 2014

Are you a Wannapreneur or Entrepreneur?

Hi, How have you been? I hope you doing good.
Recently, I read this book "Because shit happened" by Harsh Snehanshu. The book was partly a work of fiction and partly story from the author's own life.
Its a story of a IIT student, who ventures his own online enterprise which somehow fails. I am not going to share with you the whole story, what I am interested in is a word 'wanna-preneur' which he used in this book.
Wanna-preneur or Entrepreneur?

I had heard the word 'wanna-be' but it was creatively used here to represent the people like me. If you ask a person what does he want to do?
Generally people give the answer in the form of 'I want to become .....(this and this)'.

The keyword is 'want' which can be used also to tell that you want to become an entrepreneur.

When I say that I want to become an entrepreneur, I qualify for being a wanna-preneur.
Honestly speaking, I have started to earn few dollars a month with my writings but that is very few to call myself an entrepreneur.

I know you might say that comparing the money with the qualification for being an entrepreneur is not the right way to tell if you are an entrepreneur or not. Still, even if I am doing the work of an entrepreneur, such as writing my own blogs and books, I may call myself a writer cum entrepreneur, but if there is no income, nobody knows you.

I am forced to call myself a wanna-preneur because I don't earn much with my entrepreneurial works. I write about 10 blogs online and I have eBooks in my kindle account for sale. This single fact gives me strength to continue to become an successful entrepreneur, someone like, Mark Twain, or someone like Andrew Carnegie.

Still I am a wanna-preneur, what do you call yourself? An entrepreneur or a wannapreneur?

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