Monday, July 3, 2017

Bitconnect gives up to 120% returns -Scam or Legit?

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Investing your money is the best thing you can do to make more money. The biggest returns that you get from the mutual funds is around 10%, right?

Cryptocurrency is the new money, not now, but very soon. I know, if I tell you that there is this new revolutionary cryptocurrency called Bitconnect that can give you up to 120% returns. Trust me or not, there are hundreds of people who have reviewed this currency, and they say it is legit. 

Each day they get their earnings cashed out, and it is definitely legit. The earning percentage depends upon the crpto market. They also use the blockchain and is very similar to bitconnect. But they don't simply put your coins just like that, they invest it in the market, and earn the profit for you and them. 

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Bitconnect price variation in one week

Don't delay my friend, because the bitcoin price rises in no time, and for now it is stable since last two weeks. 

Do some research, and if you feel it is the next big thing, buy the bitcoins and then convert them to bitconnect and then lend them. The company will earn you profit each day, which you can cash out everyday. 

Start with small money like 100 dollars, which you can risk to lose, when you see the profit then raise the amount to 500 or 1000, who knows, you may become millionaire in no time.

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